IRLC is the largest and oldest organisation in Russia for teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The Lomonosov MSU Institute of Russian Language and Culture was founded in 1954.

Every year more than 1,200 people study at the Institute.

Student life

No educational course at our Institute would be complete without introduction to Russian cultural and historical heritage and Russian national traditions.

Students of our Institute are offered assistance in booking tickets to various Moscow theatres and concert venues. We arrange a variety of sightseeing tours around Moscow and Moscow area, as well as excursions to famous Moscow museums and trips to other Russian cities and historical places.

Learn & Go

Study verbs of motion with our mobile app

The application helps to study both groups of verbs of motion: with and without prefixes.

It is targeted at wide audience of smartphone users who want to study Russian. All the explications are provided in English.

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