About IRLC

The Institute of Russian Language and Culture is the largest and oldest organisation in Russia for teaching Russian as a foreign language, as well as for pre-university training for foreign students. Every year more than 1,200 people learn at the Institute.

The Lomonosov MSU Institute of Russian Language and Culture was founded in 1954. First, it was just a Russian Language course for international students and then it was transformed into Pre-university Department for foreign students, first in our country. Until 1991 the students who studied at this Institute were mainly from Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asian and African countries. Nowadays students from all over the world come to study Russian language and other humanities at the IRLC. For those who want to succeed as Russian language teachers the Institute offers additional professional program “Teaching Russian as a foreign language”. You can participate in advanced training and choose the format that suits you best: both full-time education and e-learning are available in this program.

At our institute, you can find Testing Center, which offers you tests of Russian language proficiency, and prepares specialist in testing that can work both in Russia and abroad.

There are plans to create a graduate course for Russian as a foreign language teachers and to continue to elaborate the standards and methods of teaching Russian language to foreigners.

History of the Institute

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