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Jorge Hiriart
Jorge Hiriart

First of all, I want to thank you and the entire team. I had a great time and the classes were wonderful, I have learned and advanced a lot in my knowledge of the Russian language.

 24 may 2021

I had such a wonderful time the past three weeks studying with your professors. I love the Russian language and studying with your team has been a dream. Thank you for the opportunity.

 11 august 2020
Laura Garcia

I really enjoyed and recommend this experience! Having the opportunity to live in the historical main building of the MGU is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I would recommend not to expect great luxuries in the room but to appreciate its location, the building is massive and incredibly beautiful. The classes are also really interesting and the teachers are wonderful, you will mainly read texts related to Moscow's history and its landmarks (we also painted our own matryoshki!!) The excursions were great and with the texts you'll end up knowing many new interesting things. At the same time, Moscow is an incredible city with so many things to do, it also has many museums and even walking around the city is something that you will really enjoy. I would definitely recommend you to go because I am sure you will want to return!!

 28 may 2019
Cuevas Alejandro

It has been a great experience! The classes are focused on Moscow, so you will learn grammar and vocabulary without setting aside Russian culture. The trips help you to know the city, but you have plenty of time for exploring Moscow. I can assure you that you won't be bored! Moscow is an exciting city with a lot of things to do (museums, sightseeing, party...). The student residence? It is inclued at the historical building of the MGU, so it is a bit old. But, how many times will you sleep in a place like that? The room is ok, but I recommend you to bring a sleep mask, if you have problems with light. But, in general, this course is a great opportunity for visit Russia and have a first approach to Russian culture and language. You will want to return!

 28 may 2019
Rueda Gema

I have been in the Easter Russian course in Moscow university and I am very glad for going there. I have learn a lot and I have pass a great time. Congratulations to the people in charge of the organisation and to the teacher for their kindness. I hope I have the opportunity of going there for some time again and I will recommend it to everybody. Thank you so much.

 28 may 2019