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Our second trip to Nizhniy Novgorod

 15 april 2019

It is not that easy to organize a good educational trip for students. Not only is it important only to go sightseeing but also to organize meetings with the Russian students, interactive activities and of course to give the students some free time. The IRLC teachers are very experienced in this field and one of such trips took place on the 13-14th of April.

The Institute teachers Chastnykh V., Ryzhikh Y. and Yaffe E. with their students went on a trip to Nizhniy Novgorod. The day started with the walking excursion around the historic center of the city. Talanova A., the teacher at the Nizhniy Novgorod University, told the students the most interesting facts about the history of the city. Students were touched by the destiny of the legendary pilot Valeriy Chkalov, the Russian hero who was the first to fly across the North Pole from Moscow to Vancouver. They took a photo beside his monument and near the famous Chkalov stairs with a view over the two rivers - Volga and Oka. In the Kremlin the students learned about the heroic act of Koz'ma Minin, who helped to free Russia from the Polish intervention in the XVII century.

After the excursion there was a surprise - a meeting with the students of the Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University. They got on very well, played games where the IRLC students showed how well they spoke Russian. After this meeting they went together to the walk around the city.

The second day of the trip was creative. The students went to an old Russian city of Gorodets where they participated in a workshop of making their own clay penny whistles and traditional Russian baskets. Along with small souvenirs from the teachers and numerous photos that they have taken during this trip, these handmade souvenirs will remind the students about this unforgettable trip to Novgorod.