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Russian Language OFFLINE programme 8/95

Offline (face to face) intensive program

Who can study?

Any foreign citizen aged 16 y.o. and above living in Moscow and being fed up with online education.

Why choosing us?

Institute of Russian Language and Culture of Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the oldest Russian schools for foreigners in Russia. We have been working for 67 years.

The instructors belong to Lomonosov Moscow State University, number One university in Russia.

We have small groups (3-5 students in the class), wonderful and friendly atmosphere, flexible approach to teaching. We take of our students’ requests and demands

The participants will receive the certificate of Lomonosov Moscow State University after finishing the course.

How long you can study?

The minimal period of study is 3 weeks.
We just need at least 3 students of the same level to start classes.

You can start anytime!

Programs and tuition fees:

The program is called 8/95 since it offers 8 academic hours per week for 95 US dollars per person.
1 academic hour is 45 minutes

Educational process and content of the programs:

We create groups according to the language proficiency. After taking the placement test students are placed in groups (not more than 5 students per group). Our teaching method is based on communicative techniques and integrated approach to learning. Our goal is successful adaptation of our students to Russian cultural and language environment. We help our students to cope in Russian with any communicative situation in their everyday and professional life.

What you should do if you want to join our program:

You can send an email to
the Chief of the Contract Department Maloglazova
or the the Russian Programs Director Chastnykh Valeriy:

Looking forward to seeing you!