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Russian Language Programmes

Russian Language Programmes are available for foreign students at all levels during the academic year (September - June) and during the summer courses (July - August).
The minimum period of study is 4 weeks.

Upon arriving at the Institute all students are offered an assessment test on the basis of which the right level is recommended. Groups are formed in accordance with the results of the test, duration and purpose of study.
Groups normally consist of 8-10 students.

The main objective of the programme is to build and develop practical Russian language skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Special attention is paid to the following aspects:

    • fluency and accuracy in oral communication;
    • listening for comprehension and information;
    • writing skills;
    • vocabulary development;
    • Russian grammar;
    • phonetics (as part of every lesson).


For beginners and elementary level students

The Institute offers a full-time tuition programme (26 academic hours per week). The programme includes the general Russian language course, grammar, phonetics and oral speech training.


For students of intermediate and advanced levels we offer

a) A full-time tuition programme providing 26 academic hours per week (5 days a week).
The programme includes 18 academic hours of Russian language studies and 8 hours of elective subjects (chosen by the student) that currently include:

    • Colloquial Russian;
    • Difficulties of Russian grammar;
    • Language of Russian Mass Media;
    • "The Russian World";
    • Business Russian;
    • Russian History and Literature.


b) A part-time tuition programme providing 18 academic hours per week (3 days a week).
This programme is more focused on oral communication skills.



Upon successful completion of their programme students receive a certificate. They also have an option to take a test and obtain a state-approved certificate.

Course dates in 2019-2020 academic year

Study period: Academic year
Duration dates: September 02 – June 14.
Application  deadlines: July 15.
Recommended arrival dates: August 30 – September 09.
Tuition fees: Full-time programme – $5800*; Part-time programme – $4800*.

Study period: Autumn semester
Duration dates: September 02 – December 22.
Application  deadlines: July 15.
Recommended arrival dates: August 30 – September 09.
Tuition fees: Full-time programme – $2500*.

Study period: Spring semester
Duration dates: January 13 – June 14.
Application  deadlines: November 15.
Recommended arrival dates: January 10 – January 13.
Tuition fees: Full-time programme – $3400*.

Study period: Other periods
Duration dates: 4 weeks minimum.
Application  deadlines: Not later than 6 weeks before arrival.
Recommended arrival dates: Not earlier than 2 weeks before classes start.
Tuition fees: Full-time programme – $170 per week; Part-time programme – $140 per week.

* Price of lump sum payment. If payment is phased, then tuition is determined according to the following costs: $170 per week (full-time programme) and $140 per week (part-time programme)