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Student life

No educational course at our Institute would be complete without introduction to Russian cultural and historical heritage and Russian national traditions.

Students of our Institute are offered assistance in booking tickets to various Moscow theatres and concert venues. We arrange a variety of sightseeing tours around Moscow and Moscow area, as well as excursions to famous Moscow museums and trips to other Russian cities and historical places.

The excursions usually take place out of study hours and during weekends. Students are duly informed about all cultural programmes. The cost of excursions and other extra-curriculum activities is not included in the tuition fee.

The Institute also offers a wide range of extra-curriculum activities that include Russian speaking club, concerts, special events for students, visits to the MSU departments, etc.

Russian speaking club

If you want to learn more about Russia and Russians, to speak Russian in an informal atmosphere, to find new friends or just to have fun, welcome to our Russian speaking club.

We meet every two weeks on Friday and discuss various interesting topics related to Russia. You can enjoy tea with some sweets while talking with your friends or playing some interesting games.

Our Facebook page (in Russian): www.facebook.com/groups/RussianClubMSU

Concerts and special events

Every academic year there are concerts at the end of each term to celebrate the New Year (end of December) and to celebrate the graduation (end of May). Apart from these we regularly organize student events, like meeting with Russian students from MSU or karaoke, or Russian folk bands concerts, etc.

Excursions and student's events

Following the links below you may find reports on the events that have already taken place:

Photo gallery

Information for students

Dear students!!!

From May 25 to July 25. 2018 the order of registration will be different!

25 april 2018

ATTENTION! For students leaving on holidays

Dear students! Please be informed that from 1 June till 12 July the procedure of registration will be different. Having returned to Moscow students must bring their passport and migration card to room 106 (Krzhizhanovskogo str., 24/35 bldg.1) for registration within 24 hours after the arrival.

09 june 2017

ATTENTION! The IRLC schedule during holidays

In the department of Russian language placements the holidays will last from 21 December 2016 till 9 January 2017. Students are invited to come to the institute on 10 January 2017 for a placement test. In the department of pre-university preparation the holidays will last from 31 December 2016 till 8 January 2017. The first day of studies is 9 January 2017.

29 december 2016