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The first IRLC football match

 17 october 2022

The first IRLC football match was held on Saturday, October 15. Finally, it was not online. We know we all are really tired of this word. All football players ran on the football pitch with the whistle of the referee. There were students from various countries (China, Indonasia, UAE, Iran), genders (men and woman) and groups (5, 7, 50, 63, 73, 74, 75) in each team. The appearance of Mikhail Lebedev and Valerii Chastnykh, the veterans of Russian science and pedagogy, was really surprising. Two halves of the game (each lasted for 15 minutes) passed in an uncompromising, interesting struggle under the roar of active fans. Emotional support was under the guidance of our lecturers, Ekaterina Trofimova and Yulia Ryzhikh. The time absolutely flew by and it seemed that the football players were ready to continue but they needed energy to study Russian and enter MSU. The referee blew the whistle indicating the end of the match. The football players and fans got small gifts and took a photo.