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Students visiting the museum of Vasnetsov

 31 january 2017

The IRLC educational programmes are not only about studying Russian in class. It is also very important to make the students acquainted with the history and culture of Russia.

Associate professor Anastasia Egorova has been teaching the special course "History of Russian culture" for many years now. During this course she presents the masterpieces of Russian art both in video-class and in the museums. Not only can students visit the Tretyakov gallery but also they can get to know small art galleries, some of which are unknown even to Russian people.

In the first term the students attending this course visited V.Tropinin's museum, in the second term they went on excursion to the house of V.Vasnetsov, designed by this talented artist. V.Vasnetsov was not only a painter who dedicated his paitings to Russian fairy-tales but also an architect. His house reflects the traditions and different aspects of Russian culture of the end of XIX - beginning of XX century.

In spring the students will also visit the museum of the sculptor S.Kotenkov and will go on excursion to see the Moscow built by famous Russian architect F.Shekhtel. And at the end of the term the students will go to the Abramtsevo, well-known Russian artistic and literary museum-reserve.