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Chinese Refresher Course for Teachers of Russian Language

 09 april 2022

A new large-scale action of Chinese-Russian Center of Excellence for Teachers of Russian Language MSU and Beijing Normal University was launched at the initiative of CEAIE and Scientific Research Center for Russian Studies Beijing Normal University on April 9, 2022. It brought together more than 600 specialists in Russian philology from 280 schools from different Chinese provinces.

A new 'Standard of the Russian Language for Chinese Secondary Schools (10-12 forms)' will be presented for participants along with methods of lesson development based on this Standard, modern approaches to teaching Russian as a process aimed at language and culture acquisition, effective methods of teaching language aspects and basic language skills in the Chinese audience.

Professor at the Faculty of Philology of MSU Dunaeva L.A. and associate professor at the Institute of Russian Language and Culture Lomonosov Moscow State University Chastnykh V.V. will share Russian experience in this field.