Educational programmes for teachers

Professional development programme “Russian state system of testing in Russian as a foreign language: academic development and operational training”

This programme is designed for Russian and foreign citizens who hold a degree. Students undergo linguistic and methodological training and passive and active practice. Upon completion, participants receive a standard issue certificate.
Duration of programme: 2 weeks.
Cost: 30,000 RUR.

Remote professional development programme “Methods of conducting comprehensive examinations in Russian language, Russian history and basic Russian legislation”

This programme is designed for Russian and foreign citizens and offers an individual remote learning experience. Lectures, materials and tasks are done independently and remotely via the internet. Upon completion, participants receives a certificate of MSU Institute of Russian Language and Culture.
Duration of programme: 7 days.
Cost: 15,000 RUR.

Travelling seminars and consultations on training for testing. Professional development programmes for examiners.

Events are held on the availability of authors/developers of standardised tests.
Course duration and cost: tbc.

If you have any questions, please, call +7 499 724-23-21, +7 906 722-17-11, or email