Russian Language Summer School from 3 July till 25 August

Who is it for:

People of any nationality over the age of 16 who are studying or want to start studying Russian language.

When can you start:

Students can arrive and start studying any time between 03 of July and 25 of  August.

How long can you study for:

The minimum study period is 3 weeks and the maximum is 8 weeks.


What are the available programmes and prices:

The full-time programme consists of 24 academic hours spread over 5 days and costs $215 per week.

The part-time programme consists of 20 academic  spread over 4 days and costs $190.


How is the programme structured:

Groups are formed according to students’ level of Russian language. On arrival all students should complete an entrance test and are placed in groups based on the results. Each group contains no more than 9 students. Students of Intermediate level and above study Russian language 3 days per week and, depending on the length of programme, the remaining one or two days are spent studying a seminar of the students’ choice. The available seminars are: Russian literature, history and culture; business Russian; phonetics; Russian idioms; Verbs of motion, preparation for the State Russian as a Foreign Language Proficiency Test(TRKI), etc. Students of a beginner or elementary level study Russian language on a 5-day a week intensive programme.


Where can students stay:

Students can stay in Moscow State University student accommodation, for $11-13 per day .



Free excursions around Moscow are included in the programme of study.

Excursions outside of Moscow (for example to Tver’, Yasnaya Polyana and other interesting places) are offered on the weekends at an extra cost.


How to find out more:

If you have any questions or wish to enroll, please contact

Mrs. Irina Maloglazova, Head of enrollment (

or Mr. Valeriy Chastnykh, Director of Summer School (