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We’re glad you’ve visited our site and have decided to come study with us. Maybe you have some questions, or there’s something you don’t quite understand – please, contact We’re always happy to help!

Programme selection and application form

Please, select the programme that you wish to study at IRLC.
Complete the application… Having successfully completed and submitted the application form, you will receive an automatic confirmation response. If you have any problems submitting the application form, you can type it as a Word document and send it as a separate file to
Don’t forget to send a scanned copy of your passport to
You have submitted an application form and copy of your passport – thank you! You will now receive a receipt of conformation of your application for an invitation to study along with an indication of the dates when you will be able to enter Russia. Once your invitation is ready, you will be sent a scanned copy of the invitation by email.

Invitation and visa

Great news! Your invitation is ready. You need to decide how you would like us to send you the original of this important document. You need the original invitation in order to apply for a visa at the Russian Consulate.
We can recommend you the following options:
•    if you have a friend in Moscow, they can collect the original invitation from our office and send it to you;
•    using either FEDEX or DHL, set up a contract, pay for the service, tell them our postal address and telephone number, receive an international customer number and tell us it. We will contact the couriers and prepare the documents… after a few days you will receive the long-awaited original invitation.
Now you can go to the Russian Consulate and apply for a visa. You will receive an entry visa valid for 90 days. Don’t worry. When you sign your Agreement at the Institute, your visa will be automatically extended, in accordance with the terms of your training at the Institute. If you are studying for more than 90 days, you will be issued with a new multiple entry visa valid for the entire period of your study.

Arrival in Moscow

Nearly there… You’ve got your visa, booked your ticket and are about to set off.

Please come to Russia not later than 10 days before the visa expiry date

You need to send us the following details:
•    your full name;
•    date of arrival;
•    airport of arrival;
•    flight number;
•    time of arrival.

Having received this important information, the Institute’s staff will arrange a place in a dormitory for you and meet you at the airport.

We will inform you where our staff are waiting for you at the airport and give you a contact phone number in case of any unexpected problems. You will be met and taken to one of MSU’s dormitories, where they will help you settle in and give you directions to IRLC.

We advise you to exchange some money before you leave your country, this will help you feel more comfortable during your first few days in Moscow. 5000-6000 roubles should be sufficient, this is about $100. This will be enough for the first few days’ food and transport costs.

Upon arrival please come to our office at Krzhizhanovskogo street, 24/35 to prepare the documents.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.
See you in Moscow!

Invitation to study and visa acquisition

To study at the IRLC applicants are requested to fill in an application form and to submit it (preferably by e-mail to the IRLC Recruitment and Enrolment Office, together with a copy of the applicant's passport, no later that a month and a half before the proposed date of arrival.

IMPORTANT! Note that the applican't passport should be valid for a period of at least 18 months following the proposed date of arrival.

The above documents are required by the IRLC for the MSU International Office to issue an official invitation on our behalf. The invitation is then sent by e-mail to the applicant.

Having received the invitation, the applicant can apply for a visa at the nearest Russian Consulate. When filling in a visa application form, make sure that the field "Purpose of Journey" reads "Education", and the field "Institution" reads "Lomonosov Moscow State University".

Visas and passports of foreign students who have arrived in Russia with purposes other than to study at this institution cannot be registered by the IRLC.


Registration is an official confirmation of the right of a foreign citizen to stay in Russia for a certain period of time. Students must submit their passport and migration card to the IRLC within three working days from the date of their arrival in Moscow, in order to validate their registration and multiple entry visa by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The registration charges are paid in full by the applicant.

The registration and visa are only valid for the period of study (maximum one academic year). Should the period of study be extended, the registration can be extended accordingly. In case of withdrawal from the programme prior to the end of the agreed period of study, the registration becomes invalid.

The regulations and procedures dealing with visas and registration are established by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Upon arrival at the IRLC applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • a passport with an entrance visa or a stamp of registration in Russia;
  • a certificate confirming that an applicant has no HIV virus or AIDS desease;
  • a certificate confirming that an aplicant has a medical insurance valid in Russia;
  • a documents confirming that an applicant has paid all fees to the CIE;
  • 4 passport size matte photos.

Applicants who have applied for Pre-University Programmes should also submit the following documents:

  • an education certificate or diploma legalized in their home country accompanied by a complete record of academic performance relevant to their proposed level and field of studies and a copy of these documents certified by a notary;
  • an additional medical certificate from a Russian clinic.

All applicants must sign a contract with the IRLC.

Admission to the IRLC for any course can only be granted to an applicant with a signed contract, the required documents from previous educational institutions, a receipt confirming the settlement of all fees due and a passport registered by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Terms of Payment

Tuition fees should be paid in advance before the course commences.

Money can be tranferred into account indicated by the IRLC or paid in cash to the bank in Moscow. All bank charges and other operational expenses such as currency exchange commissions or cheque encashment, etc., are borne by the payer.

Course fees are calculated according to complete weeks, including weeks with public holidays.

The cost of the health insurance for 12 months is up to $200.

Students of the Institute of Russian Language and Culture live in different MSU dormitories in rooms of 2-5 persons. The Institute only provides a place in a dormitory during your period of study. Which dormitory you are assigned depends on the availability at the time of your arrival. Accommodation is not included in tuition costs and is payable in cash in Moscow (upon signing a contract of accommodation with the MSU Dormitory Office).

Accommodation costs up to $300 per month per person. Accommodation costs can vary throughout the academic year. All payments in Russia are made in Russian roubles according to the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia.

Admission to the IRLC for any course can only be granted to an applicant with a signed contract, the required documents from previous educational institutions, a receipt confirming the settlement of all fees and a passport registered by the RUssian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Terms of Study

The IRLC provides tuition in Russian in accordance with course of study and study programmes depending on the chosen subjects, goals, and forms of study as stated in the student's contract. Study groups are formed by the IRLC administration according to the educational needs and the syllabi and can be reformed at any time if required.

The IRLC gives an opportunity to the students to purchase required study materials, including audio and video materials. Also the students can use the library, audio collections, video- and computer classes of the Institute.

The IRLC provides the students with the official documents verifying their status as fully registered members of the University.

Students are expected to attend classes, complete academic assignments, observe the University rules and regulations.

The IRLC is not responsible for students' failure to attend classes and has no obligation to make up for any missed classes.

There will be no classes on the days of Russian public holidays that coincide with teaching days.

Those students who successfully complete their course of study receive a certificate to that effect from the IRLC.

The IRLC reserves the right to expel any student who is in breach of the laws of the Russian Federation, is found unfit to study for medical or other reasons, has failed to meet the terms of the contract or has behaved in a prejudicial manner adverse to the running of the IRLC.

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Arrival and accomodation

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Please attach scanned pages of your passport which contain the following information: the passport number, the period of validity, the authority and date of issue, first and last names of the student. You should attach at least one file

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I confirm that all information I gave here is true. I am aware of the conditions of enrollment and payment. I understand that on my arrival to Moscow I’ll have to sign the study contract with the Institute of Russian Language and Culture of Moscow State university.