Russian language summer school

Who can study?

Any foreign citizen (aged 16 or older) who is learning or wants to start learning Russian.

Dates of study

From 29 June to 23 August.

Duration of study

The minimum period of study is 3 weeks, the maximum is 8 weeks.

Programmes and tuition

Complete programme: 24 academic hours per week (5 days), $215 per week.

Short programme: 20 academic hours per week (4 days), $190 per week.

Organisation and content of the programme

Students are divided into classes (of no more than 8 people) of a similar level of Russian language proficiency determined by an entrance exam. Students with a basic level and higher study Russian language 3 days a week (16 hours). They have a choice of seminars for either 1 day (4 hours) or 2 days (8 hours) per week depending on the programme. Seminars include: Russian literature, history, culture, business Russian, phonetics, phraseology, state RFL exam preparation, etc. Students with a beginner and elementary level study Russian language in groups 5 days a week (24 hours).


Students live in a MSU dormitory. The average room rate is $12-15 per day.


Excursions around Moscow are part of the educational programme and are free. On non-working days we offer excursions to Tver, Yasnaya Polyana and other interesting places (at an additional cost).


If you have any questions, please, email or