Board of Regents of the Institute of Russian Language and Culture, Lomonosov Moscow State University



Abdulatipov R.G. - president of the Republic of Daghestan, PhD, professor.


Alferov Zh.I. - academic, RAS vice-president, Noble prize winner.


Bilenkina I.P. - Head of the Presidential Academic Policy Department.


Bokova L.N. - Deputy Chairwoman of the Russian Federation Council's Committee on Constitutional Legislation.


Stepanenko V.A. - Head of the Department of Russian Language, Doctor of Education, secretary of the Board.


Varlamov A.N. - Principal of the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, writer. 


Gerasimov E.V. - Head of the Commission for Culture and Mass Communication, Deputy of Moscow City Duma, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.


Drozdov A.A. - Chairman of the Managing Board, CEO of the Presidential Center of B.N.Yeltsin.


Yevtushenkov V.P. - Chairman of the Board of Directors, "JSFC SISTEMA".



Kary-Niyazov Sh.Sh. - Chairman of the Board of Directors, "Marine Facade Company".


Mironov S.M. - Chaiman of the Paliamentary Party "A Fair and Just Russia" in the State Duma.


Mikhailov S.V. - General Director of Russia's leading news agency TASS.

Pechatnikov L.M. - Moscow Mayor Deputy on Social Development. 


Rozovsky M.G. - Art Director of the theater "Near the Nikitsky Gates", People's Artist of Russia.


Tariverdieva V.G. - President of the Michael Tariverdiev's Charity Fund.


Umakhanov I. M.-S. - Chairman of Federation Council Deputy.


Shumakov S.L. - General Director of VGTRK Deputy, Chief Editor of TV Channel "Culture".


Karaulov Andrey Viktorovich - President of the TV Corporation "Moment Istiny" (The Moment of Truth), Laureate of TV Prize TEFI.


Aksakov A.G. - Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, Innovation Development and Entrepreneurship within the State Duma.

Kamysheva S.Y. - Head of the Educational Programs Management of International Fund for Slavic Language and Culture, Member of the Russian Language Council in Russian Federation Government.

Father Vladimir (Volgin) - Archpriest, Senior Priest of the Saint Sophia Church in Middle Sadovniki.