Elena Nikolaevna Kovtun
Director of the Institute of Russian Language and Culture at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doctor of Philology

E.N.Kovtun is the author of over 60 papers. Her scientific interests lie in the sphere of Czech literature, history of Slaviс literature, history and culture of Czech Republic.

Vera Aleksandrovna Stepanenko
Head of the Department of Russian Language, Doctor of Education

V. A. Stepanenko is a board member of the Russian Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (RATRLL) and one of the authors of the Russian state system of testing Russian as a foreign language and other regulator documents.

Valeriy Vladimirovich Chastnykh
Head of the Office for Russian Language Placements, Deputy Director of Development

V. V. Chastnykh is the co-creator of the Russian language video-course “To Moscow? To Moscow!”, the co-creator of a number of multimedia and remote learning Russian language courses

Marina Viktorovna Kulgavchuk
Head of the Department of General Subjects

M. V. Kulgavchuk has worked at MSU since 1993. After graduating from the Faculty of Philology at MSU in 1990, M. V. Kulgavchuck wrote her PhD thesis in “The prose of K Vorobyov and V. Syomin in the context of the literary process”